Designing with a purpose

Operation Dreadnought



Airsoft, Paintball's cleaner cousin, is a sport growing in popularity throughout North America and Europe. Airsoft is a sport enjoyed by all ages and is also used for tactical training as well.


There are quite a few cruise lines, all for those looking for a tropical getaway or a Disney vacation. Americans and Europeans alike spend thousands of dollars on a growing sport called Airsoft, paintball's less messy cousin. Why not have a cruise line centered around the sport?


The cruise is known as Operation: Dreadnought. A dreadnought is a fierce battleship, a symbol of nautical superiority. The cruise ship would be modeled after the Royal Navy's Dreadnought, the first of its kind. The cruise itself would be a host of Airsoft skirmishes with varying objectives. The liner would also make stops in different areas to allow larger, all out matches on land in designated areas.




The Logo



Liberator has a robust and tough  quality that coincides with the brand and the target audience. It is the perfect typeface for headers and display type. Gill Sans is an equally strong typeface that is easy to read and has much more utility than Liberator and should be utilized in all instances where Liberator cannot be. 


Color Palette