Designing with a purpose

HEB - Texas Backyard



H-E-B's garden center, known as Texas Backyard, is a growing asset to the company. With most of its Live Goods products selling around a 50% margin while staying extremely competitive with its prices, it's no wonder more and more H-E-B locations are developing this department. There are a few hurdles to be jumped if this department wishes to push its profits even further.

Unfortunately, there's a large amount of customers that don't even realize that they can find plants, soils, mulch, and patio furniture at H-E-B, especially if that customer is used to shopping at a core store and not a Plus store. Also, H-E-B Curbside is growing rapidly and as a company it will bring it even more business. Sadly, however, it will hurt departments like Texas Backyard that rely on pulling in customers that happen to walk by the department.


There are many ways that these problems can be addressed. This plan takes a look at the simplest one and the one that reaches the most amount of people, the website. Texas Backyard currently has no immediate presence on the H-E-B website.

Website presence



Building Loyalty

The current site doesn't contain a page denoted as "Texas Backyard". This is confusing to customers and makes it difficult for them to build any kind of loyalty to this department as opposed to just going to Lowe's or Home Depot where they know for a fact plants, pottery, patio furniture, etc. are sold.

By showing this department's name and purpose, it goes from a grocery store that just sells plants and outdoor things to a grocery store that has a specialized outdoor department and partners who are knowledgable in that area. This makes a big difference when customers decide where to shop for their outdoor needs.


The current site has products sold in Texas Backyard mixed in with other general items. Here, this entire page is dedicated to everything Texas Backyard. Customers can see ongoing specials for that specific department and can easily search products in any of the categories covered by Texas Backyard.



Snagging those online shoppers

On the home page of the entire website, there is a section at the bottom highlighting a few Digital Coupons. The same approach should be taken to Texas Backyard's page on the website to help bring in a few extra customers.


With a department like this that sells products at relatively high margins while still keeping prices competitive, revamping the website to give Texas Backyard more of a presence and more notoriety would be nothing but a benefit to the company. So many sales are lost simply because customers just don't know they can find these products at their local H-E-B. The website is just the first step in making this department more profitable. 

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