Designing with a purpose

Epilepsy Companion App



1 in 26 people in America alone will develop epilepsy in their life. There  are services out there to help increase the quality of life for these people but no single service seems to have the full package.


The Epilepsy App aims to bring all the services that can help those with epilepsy into one convenient package. With the use of current technology, those with epilepsy can feel safer and more at ease while using the Epilepsy Companion App.





Target Audience

Epilepsy effects people of such a variety of ages and backgrounds. Because of this, the app was designed to be easily navigated as well as present any information in such a way that it was fairly easy to understand even at a glance. The Companion app is meant to be just that, a companion for those with epilepsy and is easily integrated into their daily lives. Take the story of Jim, below, as an example.


Color Palette


Final Design


The final design boasts an app that is much more than an app, it's a companion, for those who have to deal with epilepsy on a daily basis. It's a one-stop-shop for everything one could need to more effectively handle the effects of epilepsy.


Splash Page / Home screen

Upon opening the app, you're greeted by the splash page which shows while the app is loading. Once the loading is complete, the home screen shows up next. This screen can be changed in the settings menu to allow the user to see the information they deem most valuable right away whenever they open up the app.



This page allows the user to record some important factors that were present just before they had their last seizure in an attempt to find patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed. Figuring out these patterns can help people with epilepsy reduce their chances of having seizures by learning what triggers their particular seizures.



After making a few journal entries, a database is started and the quantifiable portions of each entry are tallied to produce a visual of conditions that seem to be present before the seizures and the percentage of how often these occur. This will allow the user to see possible triggers for their seizures.



This easy to read calendar allows users to keep track of their appointments and important details pertaining to them as well as allowing them to keep track of ones they've attended, missed, or are pending.



The Medications section is a place to easily store information about which medications a user is taking and allows them to set reminder alarms so they can take them on time.


User Video